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And really, you could substitute "ghost" for many other types of entities.

This question is where I wanted (or needed) to start most. The concern of course whenever attempting anything otherworldy is that you might invite something evil into your home.

I want to go into this with only the best and kindest of intentions and respect. I don't want to hurt anyone or anything. I'd like to seek out friendly or lonely ghosts, but not ones that only hold negative energy.

Is it possible, or will there, to some extent, always be the possibility of there being something on the other side of the doors we're trying to open that may want to harm us?

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There's always the possibility of encounter a malicious entity. Best approach is first and foremost, research. Do your homework on a location where you may attempt this and try to understand any events and the people that inhabited the property to better understand who or what you may encounter. Be respectful and polite. Remeber, they're human so treat them as such. But just like people, some want to be left alone and some are mean, malicious people. More often than not, it's someone scared, curious, playful or friendly and even will avoid you because they just want left alone. You gotta be persistent but know when not to push it. Do not, I repeat do not use ouija boards or seances. These can be dangerous. You're opening a door to the other side and what comes through may not be what you asked for but can pretend to be to allow you to open yourself to it. Been doing this for 17 years and there are a lot of do's and don't's, most of which are figured out in the field. Many teams will say there's certain questions that should not be asked and others will. Basically, consider your questions and ask yourself if you think it would offend. Without experience, avoid at all costs any malicious or angry entities. We seek them out but that comes with a team of experienced investigators who know how to handle it. And it's not uncommon, but unlikely, but attachments can happen. Not all spirits are confined to a location, they just choose to be there like they would have in life. Most attachments tend to last just a few weeks and go away. So yes, there are dangers involved and I highly recommend not doing it without proper training or guidance/supervision from an experienced investigator.
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I agree totally with both answers above!
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This could be a catch 20 question because in all honesty and my opinion of course, we really don’t know what it is we are experiencing when we investigate.  I have been doing weekly investigations with my current partner for about three years and several years with a prior partner.  I have always kept the open mind that often what we perceive we are dealing with could very possibly be something else.  For instance, if you believe in demons could one not appear to us as a lost spirit trying to communicate with the living?  If these dark entities goal are to get close to us and draw us in closer with curiosity most likely they would not want to reveal their true identity.  In my years of investigation I will be honest in stating we have only on three separate occasions experienced a violent in nature appearing entity, but again we really don’t have a full understanding of the paranormal or what it is that lies beyond our site.  My personal opinion and that I tell anyone interested in paranormal investigation of any sort it that it does have the potential to lead to negative incidents and can be dangerous.  You need to be fully aware of what you are attempting and what you may face.
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Yes. I have been ghost hunting for nearly five years without negative blowback. There is always some chance of there being a negative entity but approaching it as a strong-minded person has always prevailed for me. I do not antagonize, insult,or challenge spirits but treat them as the people they once were. However there are ways in my opinion to have negative experiences; ouiji boards,black magic,and any type of sacrifice. These almost always end with bad paranormal experiences. All of which need you to give some part of yourself to make work. If anyone has further questions I will be happy to answer them.
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As with anything else, the good comes with the bad, even when ghost hunting.

I personally have only been attacked by something negative a handful of times since I have been doing this, but that doesn't mean that a malicious spirit wasn't there, it just didn't show itself to me.  Then again, I wasn't in the nicest of places to be--Ohio State Reformatory Prison, local historic jails, asylums, etc.  I just recently had a healing/cleansing and she removed eight attachments (4 women/4 men) and dark energy.  When it was removed it was light night and day---my body felt lighter and my demeanor and temperment have changed.  When I had the attachment, I was short tempered and quick to get angry. 

You must always keep in the back of your mind that the nice little girl that you're communicating with or that is moving an object for you or turning your flashlight on and off may in reality be a evil spirit or demon luring you in.  I don't meant to put it out there so bluntly, but when dealing with the unknown, you can't sugar coat the possibility that you may run into something that isn't so nice.  I'm not saying they're all mean, but as with spirits that were once human, they can be shady.  They're the same once they die as they were when they were here--if they ever were here. 

When dealing with the paranormal, you MUST and I cannot stress this enough---protect yourself.  You can say a prayer and ask for protection, you can protect yourself with golden light, etc..  How you protect yourself is unique to each person due to your religious beliefs and such.  You must also tell the spirit that it cannot leave with you, that it has to stay where it is and NEVER tell it to come with you.  You must also ground yourself and cleanse yourself with sage when you are finished.  Several of my team members do this so that nothing follows them or attaches to them after investigations.  Speaking of cleansing, you should cleanse your home so that nothing can come in that is not of love and light, but that's another subject  smiley

Jennifer, Director of BSR Paranormal

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You bring up an interesting point, which I think brings it full circle to where I was really going with this:

"NEVER tell it to come with you"

My interest in this actually is the possibility of befriending and helping a lost soul... to invite them to stay with me, to talk, help them reconcile, etc. And even if they were "evil", to try and reach their heart.

I think all life, whatever form it takes, is both capable of great love and great pain. Sometimes, we get stuck in a rut and the only way out is through the help of another.
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One of the first private investigations I went on, I had a connection with a woman who was being held in her old home by her husband who wouldn't cross and wouldn't let her cross.  It was such a defining moment that I don't think I will ever forget it!  

The first time we went, we knew something was there due to shadows, feelings, evps, and my personal experience.  I was sitting in a room with other team members and out of nowhere I started crying and felt like I was at a funeral.  I said "does she trust me?" and the homeowner heard a "yes" behind her and on the voice recorder there was a "yes" when I asked this.  She was an extremely sad woman and didn't want to be here any longer and wanted to go to the light, but as I said, her husband wouldn't let her because he wasn't ready.  The second time we went, the energy was different and we crossed them both.  

My point is---leave the spirits where they are, don't invite them with you and keep it business-like.  If you want to help them, go to where they are and never ever allow them to leave with you.  You can visit as much as you like but remember, they are stuck here and need to go where they are supposed to when they are ready.  Don't ever try to keep them here, you can ask questions and learn why they are still here but they really need to go to the other side
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