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Can we come up with a new term that covers supernatural, paranormal, and any other possibilities?

asked Jun 13, 2016 in Feedback / Help by CuriousCat Denial (12 points)

As discussed here, although the definitions of both supernatural and paranormal are virtually the same, and although many people use them interchangeably, in actual use, these words have carved out their own unique and separate meanings.

Because CCC isn't about just supernatural beings and events or paranormal beings and events, but all possible extraordinary beings and events that may exist in nature, as opposed to having to say them both every time we wish to be inclusive (which is the case now), perhaps we can come up with a term or phrase that covers both?

With respect to both words (which rounding up or down, both of which have about 100 years in use), no one is suggesting replacing these words or trying to impose the use of an inclusive word, if we're to come up with one, on anyone outside of this community. It's purely for us to have easier, more efficient communications.

Some suggestions:

  • S&P
  • S+P
  • Supernormal (a word I just made up by combining the two)
  • New Nature
  • Other Nature

I'm liking "Other Nature", because of it being simple, clear, and to the point. But, I'd love to hear other suggestions, and after awhile (maybe a few months to give the community more time to grow), perhaps we could have a vote.

Thoughts? Go.

1 Answer

answered Jun 15, 2016 by C.O.P.R.S. Denial (10 points)
How about, Paranatural?
commented Jun 15, 2016 by CuriousCat Denial (12 points)
Yeah, the other way to combine supernatural and paranormal. It looks good and sounds good.
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