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What I mean is, could pets like turtles sense paranormal frequencies like dogs and cats do?

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Not sure about turtles, but we did an investigation in an old horse barn once and when activity started picking up, the horses became very agitated and restless. As though they were sensing what we were, except they knew before we did.
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Hard to say if turtles do but animals, more likely mammals having larger brains and a higher thought process, yes. I've seen dogs, cats, deer, as the previous answer given, horses and even came across a case that had ferrets reacting to an unseen entity. So absolutely they can. Their senses are way more sensitive than ours, sensing storms, earthquakes, danger and even a good or bad person.

-J (via Sinister Sightings Paranormal Society)
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I would have to agree that all animals have a higher sense when it comes to the paranormal.  I’ve seen cats, birds, dogs, deer, and even rodents react in odd manners before and during paranormal investigations.  As with turtles they may react, but the poor critters do move a little slower and it may be difficult to actually note a change in its behavior.  I would think that reaction time and extensity can vary from each type of animal.
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All animals sense paranormal frequencies from what I've heard. Dogs,Cats,Horses, even birds sense it . I've even written an essay on it.
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